🀳How to Use XRoot


Welcome to XRoot - an innovative AI-powered tool designed to enhance your Discord and Telegram activities. XRoot transforms communication within these platforms, whether by facilitating intelligent conversations on Discord or by providing sophisticated moderation capabilities on Telegram. Explore the functionalities of XRoot and how it can revolutionize your interactions.

1. AI-Enhanced Chatbot Interactions: Accessible on Discord and Telegram:

a. Initiating Conversations:

  • Discord: Begin AI-enabled discussions on Discord by utilizing commands like /xroot or engaging directly with /XRoot@XRootBot.

  • Telegram: Use /XRoot, /XRoot@XRootBot, or reply with /XRoot@XRootBot for seamless conversations.

b. Crafting Your Questions:

  • Ensure clear and concise queries for the best AI-driven responses on both platforms.

    Example: /xroot What's the latest in AI research?

2. Advanced Features Exclusive to Telegram:

a. Building the Foundation: AI-Driven Chatbot Platform on Telegram:

  • Create with Detail: Design your chatbot's replies incorporating multimedia elements like video, text, audio, and images.

  • Customized Responses: Utilize GPT-like models and the 'prompt target' functionality for context-relevant communication.

b. Moderation Tools:

  • Control and Order: Utilize moderation commands to manage user interactions and monitor conduct effectively.

  • Flood Control: Keep chat disruptions at bay by establishing flood thresholds and corrective measures.

c. Personalized Touch:

  • Enhance your community with tailored welcome messages, ensuring a warm reception for new members.

  • Organize and execute personal reminders with ease, maintaining productivity and efficiency.

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