XRoot combines decentralized exchanges, research platforms, social media, and more into a single AI-enhanced toolkit for seamless trading.

Leverage AI capabilities for quick and informed decision-making, sifting through vast datasets to enhance trading speed and research productivity with just a few clicks.

Standard Exchange Functions: Engage in buying, selling, and sending tokens, monitor your investments, evaluate profit and loss, access token metrics, and identify trending tokens for trade.

Control multiple wallets to spread your trading activities across various networks, employing stop loss and limit orders to refine your trading approach.

Research & Analysis:

Practical Crypto Insights: Utilize in-depth cryptocurrency research provided within XRoot to craft well-informed trading strategies.

๐• News and Swap: Keep abreast of the latest trends through updates from followed influencers and make savvy trading choices. Utilize AI to dissect your past trades and bolster your profit strategies. Gauge the market's mood regarding particular tokens to enhance your trading insights.

Security & Management:

AI-Enabled Smart Contract Reviews to verify the security of your investments on XRoot.

Employ Natural Language Processing and adjustable monitoring agents for an intuitive interaction with the platform and support from an AI advisor throughout your journey. Receive alerts tailored to your specific interests to stay ahead of market movements.

Community & Partnerships:

Access the Featured/Explore section to uncover and trade trending tokens aggregated from different sources within XRoot.

XRoot Partner Program (XPP): Join our partnership program to gain commissions from referrals or trading suggestions made.

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