๐Ÿ’ฐCustom Buy Alert Bot


Custom BuyBot is a specialized AI-powered alert service designed for cryptocurrency trading platforms, providing instant notifications on buy orders to enhance user interaction and offer significant insights into market dynamics.


  • Notification System: Informs users of new transactions, detailing transaction amounts and relevant information.

  • GIF Library: Contains a variety of AI-created GIFs that match the context of the alert and transaction volume.

  • AI-Generated Messages: Offers customized welcome notes for new investors and remarks on the sizes of transactions.

  • Emoji Integration: Implements different emojis to symbolize various metrics like transaction amounts, types of assets, details of buyers, new participants, current prices, market valuation, and overall market capitalization.

Configuration Instructions

Minimum Amount Notification

  • Command: /minamount

  • Description: Sets the minimum transaction amount required to trigger a notification.

Pair Tracking

  • Command: /addpair

  • Description: Adds a new trading pair to the bot's monitoring list.

Notification Toggle

  • Command: /buynotify on or /buynotify off

  • Description: Turns purchase notifications on or off for a specific trading pair.


The usage fee for Custom BuyBot is priced at 0.5E, which may vary depending on the extent of service usage and desired functionalities.

Final Notes

Custom BuyBot stands as a powerful instrument for cryptocurrency traders and aficionados, leveraging AI technology to deliver timely market updates and transaction information. With features like real-time alerts, customized messages, and engaging GIFs, the bot aims to provide an interactive and educational trading experience for its users.

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