๐Ÿ’ตCustom Stake Alert Bot


The Custom Stake Alert Bot stands as a cutting-edge notification service specifically developed for crypto stakeholders. This tool aims to provide timely updates and alerts related to staking transactions, enabling users to effectively track and manage their staking investments.


  • Instant Alerts: Immediate notifications on staking activities to keep users updated with the latest developments.

  • Notification System: A sophisticated alert structure that details transactions, including amounts and relevant data.

  • GIF Library: A library of AI-crafted GIFs that enhance the notifications with relevant and engaging visuals.

  • AI-Generated Messages: Tailored greetings for new participants and insights related to transaction magnitudes.

  • Emoji Integration: An extensive assortment of emojis to represent different financial metrics and transaction details visually.

  • Customizable Alerts: Allows users to set specific alerts based on individual staking preferences or events.

  • Extensive Monitoring: Tracks multiple staking mechanisms or pools conveniently.

  • Easy Setup: A straightforward interface for easy configuration and alert customization.


  • Event Alerts for Staking: Adjust settings to receive notifications for chosen staking activities such as initiations, rewards, and withdrawals.

  • Personal Threshold Settings: Customize alert thresholds based on staking values or reward amounts.

  • Multi-Account and Contract Observation: Configure alerts across various wallets and staking agreements.


Offered at a flat rate of 0.5E, the Custom Stake Alert Bot is an affordable option for everyone from solo investors to project managers.


Enhance your staking oversight with the Custom Stake Alert Bot. Equipped with immediate updates, customized communication, and a user-friendly interface, it ensures that you remain informed and in control. Activate your service now to revolutionize your staking experience with an innovative, value-adding notification system.

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