๐Ÿ“ŠTree Endpoint


The XRoot Custom Bot's Tree Custom Endpoint is an advanced feature designed to acquire, analyze, and present data from a Tree Dashboard. This functionality allows your bot to display improved data-driven intelligence by accessing both current and historical information.

1. Activation:

Use the command: /tree By employing the /tree command, the bot will immediately link to the Tree Dashboard to start gathering the necessary data.

2. Setting Multiple Query IDs:

For customized data gathering:

  1. Go to your Tree Dashboard.

  2. Select the desired data sets or reports for integration.

  3. Get the Query IDs for each selected set.

  4. Enter these IDs into the XRoot Custom Bot's settings.

  5. Command to use: /tree set-query <Query ID>

For instance:

/tree set-query 12345

3. Data Retrieval and Storage:

  • Regular Data Refresh: The bot will automatically update and save data from the Tree Dashboard daily once established.

  • Instant Data Utilization: Retrieved data will be promptly available for the bot to analyze, use, and share.

4. Data Presentation:

The bot can display the fetched data in several formats, such as:

  • Summaries in natural language.

  • Graphical representations (if applicable).

  • Complete datasets for detailed examination.

5. Cost:

The use of the Tree Custom Endpoint incurs a fee of 0.5E. Please maintain a sufficient balance to ensure continuous service.

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