Gecko Command for Up-to-the-Minute Crypto Metrics

Utilize the /gecko command to access instant cryptocurrency metrics from a reliable digital currency data source.

Effortlessly find specific metrics or statistics for any cryptocurrency, including recent altcoin listings.

Usage: /gecko $xrootai [metric or stat]


  • For general metrics: /gecko $xrootai metrics

  • For the contract address of the coin: /gecko $xrootai contract address

  • To find out the all-time high of the coin: /gecko $xrootai ath

Configuring a Default Contract Address for Your AI Bot

Beyond retrieving live cryptocurrency metrics, you can set a standard contract address for your AI Bot, facilitating the swift and direct acquisition of information for a particular crypto asset without repeating the contract address.


  • /setgecko [contract address]

This command sets a default contract address for the AI Bot. Once set, you can simply use /gecko [metric or stat] without specifying the contract address each time.


  1. To set the default contract:

    • /setgecko 0x......

  2. Then, to retrieve the all-time high of the default coin:

    • /gecko ath

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